Easy to Use, Customize & Measure

Traditional business applications typically implement too much functionality for an average user group.  Starmind is based on a single function strategy: Routing questions to the right expert in real time.  Customer experience, intuitive processes and encouraging design are the main pillars of the application.  An integrated business case module automatically measures time savings and productivity increase.

Unlike other business applications that offer an enormous range of functionalities, Starmind has a clear single function approach: it solves a specific question for an individual employee in real time, providing added value upon first usage.

There’s no need to “learn” how to use Starmind.  Anyone who has ever used Google or an email inbox will instantly feel familiar with the way information is displayed.  Enter a question, click on send and useful solutions are delivered quickly.

Unlike other social tools, Starmind creates user profiles automatically and there is no need for users to register interest in topics or information streams.  If required, Starmind can be initialized with information from other applications and display it in users’ expert profiles.

A beautiful, clutter-free and extremely simple visual design helps users to focus on what really matters: receiving great answers to their questions or helping others by solving their problems.

Starmind’s design principles are based on customer need and expectations, not on internal technical or structural conditions.  Starmind continually encourages users to challenge and test ideas and designs.

The Starmind application is optimized for access by mobile devices following the vision: “Every employee with a thousand brains in his pocket”.  Upcoming versions of Starmind are designed according to the mobile-first philosophy.

Starmind has a built-in business case module that delivers quantifiable KPIs: question posers can define how much time they have saved with specific solutions they receive and provide comments about the perceived added value.

Thanks to our flexible extension architecture, specific requirements by clients can be implemented.  More than 20 extensions are already available to be activated.

Selected users can access a management cockpit.  This protected area provides real-time insights about skills, knowledge and intelligence in the company.  This for example allows more targeted staffing of project team members.

Brain Technology and Algorithms

Starmind enables users to focus on their core expertise.  The application therefore autonomously learns as much as possible about corporate content, users and informal know-how networks with little initialization or customization.  This results in a corporate brain with the ability to solve virtually any posed business-related problem.

Starmind analyses connections and the interaction between users and content.  More passive behaviors such as search queries, question views and solution ratings automatically relate a user to specific topic clusters.  Explicit activities such as posing questions or solutions, giving comments or ratings give detailed knowledge about the core expertise of users.

As soon as Starmind relates a user to topic clusters, it starts exploring detailed expert knowledge by suggesting existing and new questions to solve.  If a user is not able to give an answer, Starmind asks for a recommendation of a colleague who might be able to provide a solution.  Applying this process can significantly reduce the initialization period.

Single questions are often very short and are not easily categorized automatically.  In contrast, a solution containing a wealth of information such as text or attachments provides detailed insight into the content of the problem through semantic analysis.  Starmind uses several iterations to find the best fitting categorization and relate relevant topics to the users who are involved.

By analyzing occurrences of words, sentences and documents, Starmind automatically builds clusters of topics.  These clusters allow categorizing users in a general way to later determine specific expertise of individuals in these clusters.  While some topics clearly correlate, there are always similarities that amaze and can only be found by data mining.

Starmind clusters users based on both the content they produce and consume as well as their time spent on certain content.  Based on this analysis, algorithms assess how much help, introduction or praise individual users receive.  User activity is encouraged by sending the right amount of information at the best time with the most relevant content for the specific user.

Starmind learns how many notifications a user prefers to receive, at what time a user is most likely to respond and which topic combinations discourage users from answering a question.  This analysis builds a decision layer when routing questions to potential experts: the expert status and the likelihood of responding are both important and are analyzed continuously.  This is why a high solution rate for questions results, often exceeding 90%.

the Starmind user interface is available in English, German and French.  The algorithm identifies the language of each question and considers users’ language skills when searching for experts.

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