Starmind for Training and Knowledge Management 

Knowledge Management, Retention and Application: Better, Faster, Easier…

The truly disruptive solution to training “Reach and ROI”: Starmind becomes your force multiplier that will enable you to reach way more people with solutions, answers and resources that have immediate and significant impact to the users, and to your organization.

Think about it…

People go (or get sent) to training to:

  • Learn how to do something
  • Understand why something is important to them and/or the organization
  • Engage with others in a collaborative learning environment to learn and apply new skills/ competencies
  • Gain awareness of something the company believes is important

We often hear this: “What’s the one useful takeaway that you gained in this training that made the two day class worth your time?”

Starmind goes right to the “One useful takeaway”.  More important, the “One useful takeaway” is obtained just-in-time, and in far less time than that spent in the two-day class.

Even better, the “One useful takeaway” can be different for each person (i.e., relevant to them and only them).  All of this in a fraction of the time and cost associated with conventional training.

In addition to enabling you to “unbundle” training so that participants can get just what they need, just in time, Starmind enables you to get feedback on the value of this learning every time a question is asked and answered. 

The magic of training follow up:

Training is definitely worthwhile for systematically walking groups of people through common skills and processes (e.g., Contract negotiation, project management, six sigma, etc.).  One of the most common problems that come with training programs is the application abandonment rate.  Participants learn how to do things “the new way” in the training.  When they go to apply it on the job (and ensure ROI for the training), they get stuck on something.  With no easy access to an expert, they give up and go back to “the old way” that they are familiar with. 

Starmind helps to minimize this problem by providing a 24 X7 resource for getting questions answered “right then, right there”.  Common questions are usually answered right on the spot.  Tougher questions usually within a few hours. 

Everyone’s an expert!

Well, maybe not everyone.  What Starmind CAN help you to do is to highlight the” people who know” within your organization- on every topic that’s important to your business, your profitability and customer satisfaction/retention. 

Equally important, Starmind metrics will let you see who’s sharing the most valuable information.  These are the people who, by virtue of sharing their expertise, are making others in the organization more valuable.  They represent your force multiplier.  These are the people you want to keep around- make sure they are rewarded handsomely.

Knowledge management and retention

You hire smart, capable people.  You invest in making them smarter through training, conferences, mentoring and the like.

Then they leave.  What happens to the knowledge and know-how they have amassed during their tenure.  Does it go out the door with them, or does it stay behind for others to benefit from?  Starmind helps you to maintain that knowledge in the organization for use by those that stay and those that replace the lost resources.

Knowledge stewardship and retention is a key responsibility of senior leaders, particularly in knowledge-intensive organizations.  In cases where a significant percentage of the value of the organization “goes down the elevators” every night, it requires a knowledge retention strategy that is systematic and well thought out.

It’s not just about protecting IP; it’s also about protecting the methods, approaches and other institutional knowledge that gives the IP it’s market value.  You may not be able to keep all your top performers.  Starmind is your insurance policy to help you keep as much of their knowledge and know how as possible. 


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