10 Reasons for Brain Technology

  1. Increases profitability: shortens ramp-up time for new hires through fast time to solution.

  2. Reduces risks: identifies white spots and lacking expertise in real time.

  3. Increases efficiency: accelerates staffing of projects and deloads the usual suspects.

  4. Fosters culture: fosters team spirit and contributes to a modern corporate culture.

  5. New USP: differentiates frontline through real-time problem solving capacity

  6. How Starmind Brain Technology turns a company into a self-learning high-performance organization:

  •  Asking questions anonymously reduces psychological barriers to asking colleagues or experienced seniors for help.  When stuck with a novel challenge, Starmind finds the right answer for users independent of a mentor or coach.

  • Automated identification of know-how white spots by displaying unsolved questions, allowing for more targeted hiring processes and better risk assessment.

  • Time to solution and content generated can be monitored in real time.

  • Experts are classified automatically on their competency based on peer ratings.  No self-evaluation and no questionnaires are required.  Known information highways and informal networks are made explicit and learnt by algorithms.

  • Receiving and sharing solutions and problems increases
    team spirit and employee satisfaction, accelerating integration of new staff or entire divisions.

  • As those asking questions are anonymous, silos can be bridged and employees brought together based on complementary know-how.

  • By connecting individuals, collective problem solving competence is made accessible.  When facing clients, consultants can access company know-how in real time via any mobile device, differentiating themselves by means of cutting-edge Brain Technology.  Specified brain areas can selectively be opened to clients

  1. Retains know-how: corporate memory retains and stores know-how systematically.

  2. Fast ROI: generates measurable business cases and allows ROI within a
    few months.

  3. High stickiness: low hurdles and high stickiness through innovative brain displays.

  4. Highest security standards: easy to install and maintain.


That’s Not All…

  1. Starmind increases problem solving capacity when facing clients and during projects.

  2. Starmind generates measurable business cases and allows ROI within a few months.

  3. Accessing the corporate memory deloads experts and relieves bottlenecks, taking the pressure off top experts’ shoulders by deloading them from recurring questions.

  4. Counteract the brain drain, Starmind builds up a strategic corporate memory and expertise.

  5. Projects, know-how and expertise are retained when employees leave the company.

  6. A feature automatically asks for an indication of how much time was saved when a solution is given a good rating.  Linking time savings with salary costs and freed-up time for other tasks shows how interesting business cases are calculated.

  7. Starmind installations can be visualized in real time on large 2-meter wide glass brains.  Interacting with a corporate brain reduces hurdles and helps position
    the system internally in a unique way.

  8. No moderation of the Starmind system is required as algorithms actively verify content based on peer ratings and automated identification of experts.


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