Set-up and Use 

Starmind can help you to use microlearning to dramatically enhance your effectiveness at:

  1. On Boarding of new employees

  2. Knowledge retention and sharing

  3. Identification of and access to internal subject matter experts

  4. Training

  5. Training follow-up


How Starmind enables user-centered microlearning:

1.    Learner identifies learning target:

  • A question for which you need the answer

  • A problem in need of a solution

  • A place where you’re “stuck”

  • How to do something you’ve never done before

  • Need a resource to support a project

2.    Ask the question/pose the problem

3.    Apply the response/solution immediately on the job

4.    Measure the results (i.e., how useful was it?)

5.    Say “thanks”; recognize the people sharing knowledge


How does it work?  Easy as 1-2-3:

1.    User set-up is used to give people access to the Starmind system and, by asking users what they do, sets up the baseline for question recipients

2.    If needed, seed the system with representative questions (i.e., topics or problems often asked about in the organization)

3.    Then simply let people use it and watch the organization brain grow:

a.     Ask a question/pose a problem.

b.    If your question has been asked and answered before, you get your answer immediately (could be an answer, a solution, a link, a referral, etc.)

c.     If not, it goes to the person best equipped to answer it

d.    You get your answer and apply it accordingly

e.    Assess the value and timeliness of the answer/solution

f.      If no one answers your question, it’s captured as a “white spot” or knowledge gap.

g.    Questions, answers and value of answers stored for later use

Starmind is offered as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) or an on-premise service

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