Starmind: “Top Ten” Performance Problems/Solutions

Key Performance Problems

Starmind Solution

1.    Cost and time involved in training: takes too long; very uneven ROI

Just in time answers/solutions: results in immediate capability/knowledge development and application

2.    Roadblocks to taking action: not sure what to do or how to proceed, so I stop; resulting in delays and missed deadlines (along with degraded self-confidence).

Microlearning at its best: Ask a question; get the answer; apply it and move ahead.  Large pharma organization had a huge problem training their globally dispersed workforce on a new regulatory software system.  Big problem that Starmind solved along with their video database. 

3.    Getting the right people on a project. 

Starmind helps to ID the most capable, knowledgeable people for each initiative

4.    The “usual suspects” are unavailable when needed on a project: too busy elsewhere.

Starmind identifies “who else” has the needed expertise; Starmind helps to enhance and expose bench strength

5.    Holes on the bench: where are the competency gaps?

Starmind helps to expose white spots (i.e., knowledge and capability gaps) by identifying unanswered questions.

6.    Known and unknown superstars: We understand who the known experts and opinion leaders are; but what about others who are also making valuable contributions?  How do we tap their expertise? 

Starmind identifies your best knowledge sharing players (i.e., the ones who know a lot, and share it with others),

Predictive analytics: Starmind becomes a predictive engine that can tell you up to 98% success rate who the best people are in your org to answer any problem.  Expertise locators: Starmind helps find the experts.

7.    Unknown solution value: We have no way of knowing the practical value of the knowledge that is shared.

Starmind enable you to get value metrics on every answer/solution, so you can see who is sharing the most value with the organization.  Starmind can measure ROI

8.    No ROI on learning: We gather lessons learned after a project, store them in a searchable database, and then hope they are reviewed and used later; but they aren’t.

Starmind is real-time and just-in-time.  Ask the question when you need the answer, and apply it right on the spot. 

9.    Knowledge leakage: What happens when top performers leave?

Starmind retains knowledge so that losing key players doesn’t mean losing their valuable knowledge. 

10. We don’t want another system with a another set of operating rules and conditions

Starmind is seamlessly integrated into whatever you use now (e.g., SharePoint, company portal, etc.).  No additional sign-in/passwords, or training.


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