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Project Management Strategy Session

In addition to training and performance development, there are a number of factors that will impact project success in every organization.  The project strategy session is designed to help senior management to prioritize and begin resolution of the most significant issues impacting project success.  A facilitated meeting is used to prioritize issues and opportunities and to develop specific actions to be taken by meeting participants before and after the session.  The issues addressed include:

  • Project Customer Input:  The depth and frequency with which project customer input is reflected in the definition and implementation of projects.

  • Project Infrastructure: The way project players are physically positioned in the organization and the systems that allow information about projects to be captured, stored, manipulated and shared.

  • Project Capacity: The availability of sufficient human resources and supplies to successfully execute all targeted projects.

  • Project Prioritization: The way that projects are prioritized (formal and/or informal) will impact resource availability and the way they are viewed by the organization.

  • Process and Language for Projects:  When the focus on projects evolves on its own, a tendency for many processes and languages emerges within the same organization.

  • Selection and Evaluation:  The degree to which people are hired and evaluated based on their ability to manage and/or contribute to projects.

  • Consequence System:  This represents what happens to people as a result of doing (or not doing) what is expected on projects.

  • Training: The degree to which people are provided the opportunity to learn and use the skills necessary for ensuring successful projects.

Purpose:  To prioritize and remove systemic barriers to allow project performance to rise to a level that is measurable and sustainable.
Key Topics:
• Identify/categorize systemic barriers
• Prioritize barriers
• Assign Projects and "quick hits"
• Build follow-up/communication plan
Duration:  Eight Hours
Target Population:  Senior managers and others who can influence decisions on how the organization manages projects (e.g., middle/upper managers, top performers, etc.).

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