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Why Should You Choose Cambridge Consulting 

  1. Our methodologies are highly flexible.  They have been successfully applied to virtually every discipline including financial services, information systems, human resources, marketing, facilities, security and engineering.

  2. The foundation for all of our consulting services and training is based on three critical requirements for creating a competitive advantage: critical thinking, systems thinking and customer focus.

  3. We can customize any of our workshops and support services to meet your exact needs.  We work with you to develop a complete solution that addresses your specific performance development requirements.

  4. Our approach ensures immediate applicability and return on investment.  Our training is application intensive.  After seeing a quick demonstration of each element in our process, participants apply it to their own real-world responsibilities.

  5. Our workshops are designed so that participants learn from each other as well as from the facilitator.  Every session is highly interactive, engaging and fun.

  6. Our consultants and facilitators have an average of over 15 years of industry experience.  This enables them to share real experience rather than simply cover material.

  7. Our materials are instructionally sound and provide ample reference material for later use on the job.  All of our job aids are provided to participants in electronic format.

  8. Our customer service is without peer in the industry.  We will be happy to provide names of clients whom you may contact at your convenience.

  9. We don't just deliver great value for your investment; we consider our agreement with you to be our best performance floor.  We constantly look for ways to add value and exceed your expectations.

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