Cambridge Associate Network - Partnership Program

Add Value and Revenue to Your Business 

CCI offers a unique opportunity to small consulting enterprises interested in expanding their reach by offering established training products to new and existing clients.  

Why the Partnership Program? 

In a small consulting practice (e.g., 1 – 5 professionals), there are three universal challenges:  

  1. How to generate new clients. 
  2. How to continue building relationships with existing clients. 
  3. How to manage the revenue peaks and valleys endemic to the small practice. 

The Cambridge Associate Network can help you to address each of these challenges. We offer products and consulting services in a variety of areas including: 

  • Project Management (training, consulting, diagnostics, process/governance development)
  • Customer Service 
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Client Relationship Management 
  • Coaching
  • Change Management 
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Team Effectiveness/Development/Diagnosis

A Key Differentiator

As a CCI Partner, you also get access to PM Insight, our cutting edge sales support tool that can help you to engage prospective clients by adding immediate value during the business development process.

PM Insight will help you to:

  • Provide value-added project assessment data to prospective clients as a way to demonstrate the value you can provide them with your services
  • Help you provide convincing evidence of a prospective client’s need for your services

PM Insight is effective, fast and easy to use. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll find it to be a valuable sales development tool, we’re offering a free trial opportunity. For a limited time, you can try PM Insight at no fee. Use it and see for yourself how powerful it can be in supporting your business development efforts.

Your Success is Our Goal 

CCI wants to do everything possible to assure success of each associate organization. Below is a description of the support available for our workshops and seminars. Cambridge Associates are free to use one, some or all of our products and services as dictated by the needs of their clients. 

The Support You Need - When You Need It 

We provide as much or as little support as you desire, for as long as you need it. We offer a range of support options including marketing, sales, delivery, product customization and on-site consulting. 

The support options described below provide a low-cost way to maximize product exposure and sales opportunities. 

Options for Participation 

  1. Facilitator Certification: As a certified facilitator, you can purchase workbooks directly from Cambridge for use in workshops with your clients. You develop and maintain relationships with you clients. Cambridge provides you with the needed workbooks on a just-in-time basis. 

  2. Facilitator Network: As a certified facilitator, you have the option of entering the facilitator network. This option allows you the opportunity to generate revenue by conducting workshops for Cambridge clients. 

  3. Product Representation: For those not interested in facilitator certification, this option allows you to offer Cambridge products to your clients. Just as with option one, you build the relationship with your clients. On a just-in-time basis, Cambridge provides both the workbooks and workshop facilitator. 

  4. Product Offerings: If you have products or services not currently offered by Cambridge, we can purchase them from you for sale to our clients. In this way, our associates can benefit from the sale of their own products and services as well as ours. 

  5. Network Expertise: Each member of the Associate Network brings unique talents with them. As a member of the network, you will have access to this large bank of talent and expertise. This creates the opportunity to create a virtual corporation to meet any need you clients may have. 

Support Services 

Sales Support: We can provide everything from answers to your questions over the phone and support on conference calls to on-site visits to prospective client locations. 

Workshop Delivery: If for any reason, you are unable to conduct one of our workshops for a client, we can provide a facilitator for you. 

Overview Sessions: An effective way to introduce your new products to prospective clients is through a half-day overview session that covers background, content, methodology, hands-on experience with the workshop, etc. At your option, we can conduct one or more of these sessions for you. 

Scheduled Product Certification: At least once each year, we offer a combination workshop and train-the-trainer. This allows associates to position themselves to offer new products to their clients and prospective clients. 

Opportunity-Driven Certification: If you are unable to attend a product-driven certification session, you can still become certified through this option. When you identify an opportunity for application of one of our training products with a client organization, you can become certified during and after the pilot workshop conducted for that client. 

Collateral Materials: As part of our support services, we provide associates with sample brochures with space for company name and logo. These can be sent to prospective clients along with your standard collateral material. 

Product Customization: We can provide any level of product customization required by your clients. Needs such as custom case studies, industry jargon and related skill sets can all be met with minimal turn around time. 

On-Site Consulting: We can provide any level of support for specific client requirements in areas such as needs analysis, organization mapping and redesign, skill application measurement and coaching, etc.

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