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Our Approach to Enhancing Organization Effectiveness

Successful organizations don't do training...

This may seem like an unusual statement from a company that offers training and related services. Actually, Cambridge Consulting is a strong proponent of training as a part of a clearly defined organization effectiveness initiative:

Consulting Element

Critical Assessment Question

1.  Needs Analysis

What core skills are necessary to achieve the business results?

2.  Competency Assessment

What is the level of competence with which these skills are currently being employed?

3.  Training

How will we develop the targeted skills to the right level?

4.  Application Measurement

How will we know that people are using the skills that were learned?

5.  Results Measurement

How will we know that the applied skills contributed to business results?

6.  Systemic Issue Analysis

What factors beyond training will impact skill application and results?

7.  Systemic Issue Resolution

How will key systemic issues be resolved?


With our comprehensive service capability we can help you with any or all of this process, depending on your specific needs. We work closely with you to assure that our services are adjusted to meet your exact requirements.

We provide training solutions that work. More important, we help you to identify and remove the barriers to profitable skill application, and then measure the results of both training and performance system improvement efforts.

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