Application Measurement

We can help you measure skill application so you can quantify the return on your training investment. We have a variety of resources and capabilities that will help you to:

  • Measure the degree to which skills are applied by workshop participants
  • Measure the business impact of that skill application
For project management, we can help you measure and track:
  1. Progress of on-going projects.
  2. Results of completed projects (sorted by quality, cost, schedule, customer satisfaction, team performance, project manager performance and process application).
  3. Lessons learned on projects that are deployed on other projects (includes a summary of the most frequently applied lessons learned).
  4. Systemic issues encountered on projects (includes a summary of the most frequently encountered obstacles sorted by level of severity).
  5. What successful project managers are doing that others do not.
  6. Comparison of project performance across project managers, departments, divisions, etc.
  7. Individual project manager competency assessment based on PMBOK knowledge areas.

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