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Cambridge Consulting offers a variety of resources to help your organization become a best-in-class project management organization.

PM Insight 

Provides the ability to quickly diagnose project performance issues and measure project performance improvement across project managers, departments and the entire organization.

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Cambridge Consulting offers a suite of project management software options unparalleled in the industry.  We offer software for organizations that want basic tracking tools.  We also offer robust project management diagnostics that enable you to identify and track the results of your project performance enhancement efforts.

At the basic level, we can provide you with the tools to:

  • Maintain the status of every one of your projects at your fingertips
  • Track project progress and results at the deliverable/milestone level
  • Track overall budget and schedule performances
  • Assess project customer satisfaction
At the advanced level, we offer diagnostic and predictive capabilities that are only available from Cambridge Consulting.  Our breakthrough product, PM Insight allows departments/organizations to track:
  1. Lessons learned on projects that are deployed on other projects (includes a summary of the most frequently applied lessons learned).
  2. Progress of ongoing projects.
  3. Results of completed projects (sorted by quality, cost, schedule, customer satisfaction, team performance, project manager performance, process application).
  4. Systemic issues encountered on projects (includes a summary of the most frequently encountered obstacles sorted by level of severity).
  5. What successful project managers are doing that others are not.
  6. Comparison of project performance across project managers, departments, divisions, etc.
  7. Individual project manager competency assessment based on PMBOK knowledge areas.
Regarding the lessons learned functionality, it allows you to:
  • Capture lessons learned anytime during or after a project
  • Automatically sort those lessons by project phase
  • Share the lessons with one, some or all project managers and other application users
  • Track the redeployment of lessons on subsequent projects
  • Track the amount of redeployed knowledge provided to the organization by each project manager


Regardless of the current state of your project performance improvement efforts, these templates will help make your project managers and teams more effective at communication and execution on all your important projects.

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Current Reference books that can help your project managers enhance their relationship management skills and deal with the politics and people issues that often bring projects down.

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