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Project Management Templates that will help you improve communication and performance on all your important projects!

Whether you’re working on a two week project or a two-year program, you can use these templates to ensure that important communication is taking place between project stakeholders.

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How the templates can enhance project effectiveness at your organization
Key Benefits of the Cambridge PM Templates
What you get
Templates Available
Optional Support Services

Regardless of the current state of your project performance improvement efforts, the templates will help make your project managers and teams more effective at:

  1. Project definition
  2. Validating project benefits and strategic fit
  3. Understanding the effects a project will have on other people, projects and departments
  4. Identifying project stakeholders (including those affected by the project and strong-influence stakeholders)
  5. Building a realistic plan
  6. Ensuring that all important hand-offs take place as planned
  7. Measuring project success
  8. Ensuring that project stakeholders get the information they need, when they need it, and the way they need it
  9. Making the most of project team/review meetings
  10. Assessing meeting effectiveness
  11. Managing project changes effectively
  12. Anticipating and managing project risks
  13. Managing team and individual performance risks
  14. Measuring project team effectiveness
  15. Manage client relationships

How the templates can enhance project effectiveness in your organization:

  • Can be used to develop your own project management process, or to augment your existing process
  • Create a means to provide “visible evidence” of process application
  • Develop (or enhance) your project reporting structure

Key Benefits of the Cambridge PM Templates:

  • The templates are fast, easy, uncomplicated and inexpensive; this ensures rapid and successful adoption
  • Take the drudgery our of project documentation by making it easy to create visible evidence that important project communication and actions have taken place
  • Easy to incorporate into any existing document management repository (e.g., project web sites, shared drives, collaboration tools, etc.)

What you get:

  • Blank templates (easy to tailor because they are in MS Word) for unlimited use within your organization
  • Template application guidelines
  • Examples of completed templates

Templates Available:   


Project Management Templates

Template Name

Purpose/Questions Addressed

Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • To assess the value of a project or change effort.

Project Scope Summary

  • To clarify the purpose, outcome and deliverables associated with the project.

Project Impact Matrix

  • To manage the effects a project may have on other people, departments and projects.

Stakeholder Identification Worksheet

  • To identify the specific stakeholders required within each function.

Project Stakeholder Directory
  • To identify the specific stakeholders, functions and contact data.
Function Identification Worksheet
  • To identify functions required to achieve the project outcome.
Project Planning/ Scheduling/ Costing Summary
  • To identify actions, timing and cost required to achieve the project outcome.
Procurement Scheduling
  • To identify and schedule key external project resources.
Project Financial Summary
  • To provide an ongoing summary of the planned versus actual expenditures on a project.
Critical Transaction Worksheet
  • To manage critical dependencies within the project plan.
Key Hand-offs Worksheet
  • To ensure that project stakeholders are clear on their interaction with others on the project.
Key Task Assessment
  • To ensure that hand-offs related to each key task are successfully executed.
Project Measurement Summary
  • To provide a measure of progress and results on a project.
Project Results Summary
  • To track project results over time.
Process Application Summary
  • To track project management process application over time.
Information Distribution Network
  • To ensure that project stakeholders get the necessary information when they need it.
Meeting Management Tools
  • To ensure that project stakeholders meet and act on key information.
  • To evaluate and enhance meeting effectiveness.
  • To track meeting value and effectiveness over time.
Change Management Tools
  • To ensure that responsibility for project change management is clear.
  • To ensure that project changes are managed in a timely fashion.
  • To clarify the impact of requested changes.
Lessons Learned Summary
  • To facilitate transfer of learning from one project to the next.
Risk Assessment
  • To document potential problems that could cause project failure.
Risk Management Plan
  • To reduce the risk of project failure.
Problem Report
  • To quickly address issues/problems associated with a project.
Performance Management Worksheet
  • To assess and manage performance on critical project activities.
Team Effectiveness Assessment
  • To assess a team against the factors that contribute to team success.
Consequence Diagram
  • To review the rewards and penalties associated with any project activity.
Client Relationship Management Templates

Template Name

Purpose/Questions Addressed

Decision Matrix

  • To ensure that the needs of key stakeholders are considered when recommending solutions.

Stakeholder Solution Assessment

  • To identify those who must support or approve your solution if it is to be successful.

Stakeholder Issue Resolution

  • To determine how the "dislikes" of each key stakeholder can best be addressed.

Stakeholder Presentation Guide

  • To let all key stakeholders know about your solution, and get their support and approval.

Commitment Summary/ Action Item List
  • To summarize actions needed to maximize support for your solution.
Information Distribution Network
  • To ensure that project stakeholders get the necessary information when they need it.
Key Task Assessment
  • To ensure that hand-offs related to each key task are successfully executed.
Client Feedback Summary
  • To obtain client feedback on project results.
Relationship Extension Plan
  • To identify additional opportunities to partner with satisfied clients.
Relationship Management Plan
  • To create a competitive advantage by ensuring client satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

Pricing:       Click Here to Purchase Templates

You can purchase one, some or all templates. Quantity pricing:

  • 1 template: $19
  • 2-5 templates: $15 each
  • 6-12 templates: $12 each
  • More than 12 templates: $10 each

Optional Support Services:

How we help you ensure profitable application of the templates:

  • Perform project environment diagnostics that will help you uncover and document your baseline organization project performance capabilities (i.e., what’s working well and what’s not, along with actions needed to create a best-in-class project organization).
  • On-site training where we coach your people on use of the templates, along with key project management fundamentals techniques and skills.
  • Create a project management process and reporting structure that’s tailored to your organization and project portfolio.
  • Develop a project governance structure to ensure that projects are evaluated, selected, prioritized, funded, staffed and monitored in an effective manner

For more information on how we can help you maximize the return on your project management performance development efforts, contact us at: or 401-782-9222.


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