Team Problem Solving                  Printable Brochure

In today's competitive environment, there are three realities:

  1. As competition intensifies, many organizations are working to do more with less.  This means getting the most out of every resource, including your people.
  3. Profitable organizations seem to be successful at getting employees to work in teams.  With ongoing challenges and opportunities in the areas of process improvement, re-engineering, product development and quality management, this is critical.
  5. What sets the best apart from the rest is the ability to quickly deploy teams for everything from problem solving and goal attainment to planning and execution of projects.  They provide their employees with tools to:

    • Clearly define their goals
    • Identify and prioritize the barriers to these goals
    • Verify the root cause of the biggest problem
    • Develop solutions that make sense
    • Assure commitment and buy-in to those solutions
    • Develop workable plans for solution implementation
    • Execute their plan and follow-up to assure goal attainment
Team Problem Solving provides teams with the techniques and tools necessary to achieve results that are both measurable and sustainable.

Purpose:  To provide teams with tools to identify and solve operational problems in a way that improves organization effectiveness and profitability.
Key Topics:
• Goal Definition
• Identify/prioritize barriers to success
• Develop Solutions
• Verify root cause of key problems
• Assure buy-in to solutions
• Plan for implementation
• Follow-up and measurement
• Team development and evaluation
Duration:  Two to three days
Target Population:  All employees who work on or support problem solving or related teams.

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