Customer Service Strategy Session     Printable Brochure

In addition to training and performance development, there are a number of factors that will impact service performance in every organization.  The service strategy session is designed to help senior management to prioritize and begin resolution of the most significant issues impacting service performance.  A facilitated meeting is used to prioritize issues and opportunities and to develop specific actions to be taken by meeting participants before and after the session.  The issues addressed include:

  • Customer Input:  Qualitative and quantitative data that tells you what your customers think about your products and services (e.g., surveys, focus groups, warranty data).

  • Service Infrastructure: The physical systems and resources used to deliver service (e.g., phone/voice mail system, spare parts supply depot, hardware, software, etc.).

  • Service Capacity: The ability to deliver service in accordance with market demand (e.g., number of professionals on staff as a proportion of customer interactions per day, number of people working the 800 line during periods of peak demand, number of check-out clerks during busy vs. slack shopping periods).

  • Performance Evaluation and Consequences:  The degree to which evaluation and consequences are aligned with service behavior (e.g., customer-based performance evaluation, rewards and recognition for "super human" customer service, etc.).

  • Training:  The tools and techniques provided to employees to help them carry out the service goals of the organization (e.g., ways to assure professionalism, responsiveness, sound problem management, etc.).

Strategy Session Outcomes:  A strategy implementation plan (including timeframes and individual responses).  The plan includes tactical steps required to address each service issue.
Purpose:  To prioritize and remove systemic barriers to allow service performance to rise to a level that is measurable and sustainable.
Key Topics:
• Identify/categorize systemic barriers
• Prioritize barriers
• Assign projects and "quick hits"
• Build follow-up/communication plan
Duration:  Eight Hours
Target Population:  Senior managers and others who can influence decisions on how the organization manages service performance (e.g., middle/upper managers, top performers, etc.).

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Service project assistance:  We can help you to define and measure performance on projects and "quick hits" designed to remove systemic barriers to service performance.

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