Facilitated Project Planning Session       Printable Brochure

Most organizations are faced with the need to embark on significant change initiatives and other important projects.  Getting a team together and finding time to meet are often a challenge simply because of the press of day-to-day business.  Beyond this, the team may have difficulty in making progress simply because they have no roadmap to follow.

The Facilitated Planning Session is designed to help teams make immediate and rapid progress toward any desired outcome through the guided use of a proven methodology.  The Facilitated Planning Session is a consultant-guided effort that covers key techniques for project definition, planning and execution.  We provide as much or as little support as needed to ensure a successful outcome.

Purpose:  To provide assistance to project teams in the definition, planning and implementation of significant, high visibility projects where success is critical to both the team and the organization.
Key Steps:
• Define Project with Sponsor and other key stakeholders
• Plan for initial meeting with project team and other key stakeholders
• Finalize project definition with team
• Build high level and detailed implementation plans
• Develop plans to manage communication, hand offs, measurement, project risks and
  team effectiveness
• Assign responsibilities for all actions
• Agree on next steps and reporting protocol
Duration: Two one-day sessions separated by approximately 1-2 weeks
Target Population: Intact project teams that may also include project clients and other business partners (e.g., suppliers).

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