Performance Coaching                        Printable Brochure

As organizations become leaner and levels of management shrink, productivity becomes a major issue. The ability to produce more with fewer people will ultimately separate successful from unsuccessful organizations. Such productivity can only become possible when all employees are active contributors. Making employee involvement a reality represents a significant challenge. Promoting employee participation and development without sacrificing the bottom line requires more than just good intentions.

Purpose:  To provide the tools necessary for managers to help their employees take on increasing responsibility, and enhance their value to the organization.
Key Topics:
• Why We Don't Delegate
• Assess Employee Ability
• Manage Potential Problems
• Positive Coaching Interaction
• Defining Outcomes
• Criteria and Constraints
• Performance Assessment/Feedback
• Lessons Learned
Duration:  One Day
Target Population:  Any manager or supervisor who needs to help his/her people take on added responsibility and value in the organization.

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